Aerodynamics Laboratory

Research in Aerodynamics Laboratory in METUWind mainly focuses on wind turbine blade aerodynamics, flow control devices, wake interactions and wind farm simulations.

Numerical studies are performed by using various in-house codes (BEM, free-wake, URANS or LES) as well as commercial software packages. Experimental studies involve optical flow measurement techniques such as 2D or stereoscopic time-resolved Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) as well as pressure and force measurements on scaled turbine rotor models and 2D wing models.

Softwares used through the research are:

  •  AeroSIM+
  • WindSIM



Wind Tunnels and Measurement Equipment

Particle Image Velocimetry

TSI Incorporated

  •  Two Dimensional, Stereoscopic, Time-Resolved, Particle Image Velocimetry System
  • Litron LDY304 series diode pumped Q-switched Nd: YLF high repetition rate (0.2-20 kHz) laser. The laser is a dual power, dual cavity with output energy at 1 kHz at 527 nm up to 30 mJ per laser head per pulse
  • Two 12-bit high speed (Phantom V640) digital camera with a maximum resolution of 2560x1600 pixels at a frequency of 1.5 kHz (4 megapixel at full resolution) and 16 GB of internal memory buffer
  • A Model 610036 LASER PULSE Synchronizer
  • A 3-Axis ISEL heavy duty traverse system utilized for capturing image data at multiple planes in a flow.
  • A six-jet oil droplet generator that utilizes a Laskin nozzle to generate droplets of 1 µm in diameter, used for flow seeding. Pressurized air atomizes oil in the generator reservoir to produce the droplets. These generators are best used with olive oil. 
  • INSIGHT 4G Acquisition Data System Software
  • LASER PULSE Light Arm
  • Various Light Sheet Optics. Various camera lenses and filters
  • Breadboard, Laser safety Glasses





Pressure Measurement

Measurement Specialties


  • 128-channel ESP pressure scanner  units

-          DTC Initium DAQ pressure measurement system


  • 16-channel DSA pressure Scanner from Scanivalve Corp



  • 5-hole pressure probe
  • Pitot-static pressure probes
  • Kiel probe

Surface pressure measurements on wings



Data Acquisition System


  • NI Compact DAQ -9172 8 slot USB Chassis

-          2 x 32-channel NI-9205 analog input module

-          8-channel NI-9472 24 V Sourcing Digital Output

-          4-channel NI-9211 Thermocouple analog input module

  • NI Compact RIO-9076 4 slot Ethernet Chassis

-          NI-9512 1 Axis Stepper Drive Interface Module

  • LABVIEW programing software



  • Constant Temperature Anemometry (CTA) Measurements
  • Pressure Measurements
  • Motion Control Measurements




High Precision Force/Moment Balance


  • Load balance system equipped with 6-axis ATI Force/Torque transducers
  • Equipped with a stepper angle motor for angle of attack adjustment



  • Aerodynamic characteristics measurements of wing and bridge models in wind tunnels


Model Wind Turbine Test Rig



  • 1 m to 1.4 m diameter rotors (adjustable pitch angles)
  • Ability of air injection from hub to the channels in blade roots to investigate active flow control for various applications
  • Driven by 1.5 KW Panasonic Servo Motor
  • Equipped with HBM T20WN/5 Nm torque transducer
  • Equipped with a 6-axis ATI Force/Torque transducer



  • Performance measurements studies
  • Flow field measurements studies
  • Active flow control studies
  • Passive flow control studies








  • Small scale suction type wind tunnel
  • Axial fan driven by a 4 kW electric motor
  • Flow conditioning (honeycombs and screens)
  • Plexi-Glass transparent test section

-          0.3m x 0.3m square cross-section

  • 25 m/s maximum velocity, Turbulence Intensity < 0.5%



  • Hot-wire and multi-hole pressure probe calibration






  • Continuous Flow Blower Type Wind Tunnel
  • Radial intake driven by a 18.5 kW electric motor
  • Flow conditioning (honeycombs and screens)
  • Plexi-Glass transparent test sections

-          0.6m x 0.6m square cross section

-          0.6m x 0.3m rectangular cross section

  • 18 m/s maximum velocity, Turbulence Intensity < 1%



  • Active flow control on rectangular wings
  • Active flow control on turbomachinery cascade test setup
  • Wake measurements of bridge models






  • Medium scale suction type wind tunnel
  • Axial fan driven by a 45 kW electric motor
  • Flow conditioning (honeycombs and screens)
  • Plexi-Glass transparent test section

-          1m x 1m square cross section

  • 25 m/s maximum velocity, Turbulence Intensity < 1%



  • Load measurements on 2-D airfoils and bridge models
  • Surface pressure measurements on wing models
  • Constant Temperature Anemometry (CTA) measurements
  • Wake measurements on blades
  • Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements






  • Open-Jet Wind Tunnel Facility
  • Axial fan driven by 45 kW electric motor
  • Flow conditioning (honeycombs and screens)
  • 1.7m jet exit diameter  
  • 10 m/s maximum velocity, Turbulence Intensity < 2.5%



  • Model wind turbine testing and measurements
  •  Flow field measurements using Constant Temperature Anemometry (CTA) system
  •  Flow field measurements using Time-Resolved Particle Image Velocimetry ( TR-PIV) system   




METUWIND Large Scale Wind Tunnel (in Turkish)



  • Closed Loop
  • 54 m x 18 m footprint.
  • Multi-purpose:

-           2.5 m x 2.5 m x 10 m Aeronautical Test Section. Max speed 80 m/s. Tux<0.1%. Contraction Ratio = 7.84:1

-          3 m x 7 m x 20 m Boundary Layer Test Section, Max speed 26 m/s. Tux<2%

-          3 m diameter Open-jet. Max speed 66 m/s. Tux<0.3%. Contraction Ratio = 6.93:1

  • Interchangeable Aeronautical/Open-jet Test Sections
  • Driven by a 6x315 kW axial fan array (Total 1.8 MW, 2 m diameter fans)
  • Steel main structure. Test sections are mainly wood and Plexi-glass situated on steel frames.
  • Large Plenum around the Open-jet test section
  • Multiple honeycombs and screens
  • 750 kW cooling system
  • High precision external balance system
  • Automated Facility Control System
  • 60 m x 20 m x 15 m Hangar with large access doors and a 10 ton overhead crane
  •   3 MW transformer