Structural Mechanics and Materials Laboratory

The Structural Mechanics and Materials Laboratory focuses on mechanical testing and computational modeling of structural components and materials used in the Aerospace and Wind Energy industries. Mechanical Testing can be conducted for full-size structural/components and for materials coupons.

The Lab is divided into two parts:

  •  Structural and component testing
  • Mechanical testing of materials.

Structural testing laboratory is being designed to test wind turbine blades of 5-10 m size for both fatigue and static loading. Measurement equipment include strain-gage instrumentation and full-field optical techniques such as 3-D digital image correlation and photoelasticity techniques.

Materials testing capabilities will include a 100 kN servo-hydraulic combined tension-torsion testing machine for fatigue, dynamic and static loading. Fatigue, fracture toughness tests can be conducted in addition to tensile, compressive and 3-pt bending tests.


Yrd. Doç. Dr. Demirkan Çöker

Lab Coordinator

Available Instrumentation

  • 100 KN – 1000 Nm MTS Tension-Torsion Fatigue Test Machine
  • 250 KN MTS Tension-Compression Fatigue Test Machine
  • 100 KN Dartec Tension-Compression Fatigue Test Machine
  • 10 KN Shimadzu Tension-Compression Static Test Machine
  • Digital Image Correlation System with 4M cameras, Aramis&Pontos software
  • HBM MGC Plus data acqusition system
  • HBM Strain gages
  • HBM Catman measurement software

Planned Capabilities

  • Up to 10 m length static and dynamic blade test set up
  • MSC Fatigue, Design Life: Fatigue Analysis Software
  • nCode Glyph Works : Data Processing System for Engineering Test Date Analysis with Specific Application to Durability and Fatigue Analysis

Commercial modeling software such as NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS and SAMCEF are available to conduct nonlinear finite element analysis of structures and materials. In addition, in-house developed software is used for composite damage and fracture modeling. Additional software for wind turbine design include:

  • Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys, Samcef : Finite element codes for linear and non-linear structural analysis
  • S4WT : Samcef for Wind Turbines: Wind Turbine Design and Analysis code
  • Genesis, Visualdoc, Dot, Bigdot : Structural and General Purpose Optimization Software
  • Hypersizer , Nastran Laminate Modeler: Composite Blade Design and Analysis