High Performance Computing Laboratory

METUWIND High Performance Computing Laboratory provides a parallel computing environment for wind energy research and education.

HPC Parallel Computers in METUWIND HPC Lab has the following properties:

    • It houses blade servers in two Linux clusters interconnected on a 10GbE and a total of 576 cores
    • A frontend server also acts as a file server with 32Tb storage capacity and houses a Nvidia Tesla M2090 GPU with 512 cores.
    • Poyraz cluster has 8 blade nodes. Each blade node is equiped with 4 AMD Opteron 6276 2.3 GHz CPUs with 16 cores and a 256Gb of shared memory.
    • Atmaca cluster also has 8 blades with 2 Intel Xeon 1.6 GHz CPUs with 4 cores and a 32Gb of shared memory.
    • All compute nodes are managed by a Torque/PBS queueing system installed on the frontend where all user jobs are submitted to the queue.
    • The HPC system has various development tools in addition to the open source and commercial engineering software.

You can find here the Cluster Usage Policy for the HPC Parallel Computers of METUWIND.

Prof. Dr. İsmail Hakkı Tuncer

Lab Coordinator

ismail.h.tuncer @ae.metu.edu.tr