Structural Dynamics Laboratory



“The Structural Dynamics Laboratory”, which is part of the Structures and Materials Laboratory, is the main test and analysis facility of METUWIND – Center for Wing Energy for characterizing the vibration and/or structural dynamic behavior of aerospace/mechanical/civil engineering structures.

The Structural Dynamics Laboratory is currenty being established and planned to equipped with following test equipment and softwares.

Hardwares and Test Equipment

  • High Performance Scanning Vibrometer [PSV-400-B Polytec]
  • Optical Derotator (Used with PSV-400-B High Performance Scanning Vibrometer) [PSV-A-440 Polytec]
  • Single Point Vibrometer [OFV-505 Polytec]
  • Accelerometers and Force Transducers [B&K]
  • Miniature Accelerometers [B&K]
  • Triaxial Miniature Accelerometers [B&K]
  • Force Transducers [B&K]
  • Impedance Head [B&K]
  •  Modal Exciters (400N) [B&K]
  •  Impact Hammer (2200N) [B&K]
  • 28-Channel Pulse Data Acquisition System [B&K]
  • Built-in Signal Generator
  •  Laser Takometer [B&K]


  • FFT Analysis Software for Pulse Systems [B&K]
  • Pulse Reflex Advanced Modal Analysis Software [B&K]
  • MIMO Analysis Software [B&K]
  • Nastran ve ANSYS Interface Software [B&K]
  • Operational Modal Analyis (OMA) Pro Software [B&K]
  • Rotating Machinary Analysis Software [B&K]
  • Modal Updating Software [FEMTools]
  • ANSYS Finite Element Modelling and Analyis Package Program 
  • Nastran/Patran Finite Element Modelling and Analyis Package Program