Structural Mechanics and Materials Testing Laboratory

“Structural Mechanics and Material Testing Laboratory” focuses on mechanical testing and computational modelling of structural components and materials used in the Aerospace and Wind Energy industries. Mechanical testing can be conducted for full-size structural components and for materials coupons.

The capabilities of the laboratory can be collected under two headings:

  • Mechanical materials testing
  • Structure and component testing

Material testing capabilities include tensile and compressive coupon tests under static or fatigue types of loadings, various types of flexural tests and fracture toughness tests. Material tests are conducted with a 100 kN axial, a 250 kN axial and a 100 kN – 1100 N×m combined axial-torsion servo-hydraulic testing systems. Measuring equipment in the laboratory includes strain-gage instrumentation and full-field optical equipment such as 1,000,000 fps ultra-high speed camera system, 3-D digital image correlation system and photoelasticity setup.

Structural testing the laboratory is being designed to test wind turbine blades up to 10 m size for both fatigue and static loading.

In the “Dynamic Fracture and Friction – High-Speed Visualization Laboratory”, which operates within the structure of the “Structural Mechanics and Material Testing Laboratory”, friction and fracture behaviours of the materials and structural components used in Aerospace and Wind Energy industries are characterized by high-speed visualization equipment. Special test setup and fixtures such as Low-velocity Impact and Friction test setups which are designed in METUWIND, and full-field optical equipment such as 1,000,000 fps ultra-high speed camera system, 3-D digital image correlation system, photoelasticity setup and 5800× digital microscope are used in the research conducted in this lab.

Testing Equipment

Testing equipment in the “Structural Mechanics and Materials Testing Laboratory”:

-       Dartec 100 kN Servo-hydraulic Axial Testing Machine
-       MTS 250 kN Servo-hydraulic Axial Fatigue Testing Machine
-       MTS 100 kN – 1100 N×m Servo-hydraulic Axial/Torsional Fatigue Testing Machine
-       MTS 100 kN Electromechanical Testing Machine with MTS -100 – +350 °C Environmental Chamber
-       Pin-on-Disk Testing Machine

 Testing equipment in the “Dynamic Fracture and Friction – High Speed Visualization Laboratory”:

-       Schimadzu 10 kN Electromechanical Testing Machine
-       20 J – 44 kN Drop-weight Low-velocity Impact Test Setup
-       Friction Test Setup

Visualization and measuring equipment in the laboratories:

-       1,000,000 fps Ultra-High Speed Visualization System
-       3-D Digital Image Correlation System
-       Photoelasticity System
-       5800× Digital Microscope
-       Strain Gage Instrumentation

Click here for technical specifications of the devices and detailed testing capabilities.


Prof. Dr. Demirkan Çöker 
Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, METU  
Coordinator of METUWIND Structural Mechanics and Materials Testing Laboratory  
Phone:(+90-312) 210 4253 
e-mail: coker  
Scientific Project Expert, 
Responsible for METUWIND Structures and Materials Laboratories
Phone: (+90-312) 210 8237
e-mail: obatmaz