METU DAS 7 -Seminar, Prof. Dr. Oğuz UZOL, METU, Ankara, 5 February 2019

Prof. Dr. Oğuz UZOL gave a seminar on “Wind Energy and Wind Turbines”

As part of “Somestr Break Seminars” organized by METU Center for Lifelong Learning, RÜZGEM Director, Prof. Dr. Oğuz UZOL, gave a seminar on 5 February 2019 at 11:00-12:00 at METU Administratie Sciences Building, on “Wind Energy and Wind Turbines”. In this seminar the characteristics and development of wind energy as compared to other energy sources, the latest information about wind energy investments in Turkey and around the world, some fundamental concepts about wind energy and wind turbine technologies are provided to the participants, together with recent research being conducted at RUZGEM.

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 Prof. Dr. Oğuz UZOL gave a seminar on “Wind Energy and Wind Turbines”

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