Electromechanics Laboratory

There will be two test sections established within the Electromechanical Lab. We will carry out testing and measurement works on electromechanical machines with or without gear box up to 10 kW and 500kW.

The works will provide us with the necessary input for the computer simulations to define the generators’ characteristics. The foreseen measurements will be rotor RPM, the torques on shafts as well as the output power and output energy.                  

This, in return, will provide us with data to calculate the efficiency of the turbine under different wind velocity, the forces as a result of gust on turbine shaft and damage possibilities that may occur because of various reasons.

The softwares that are currently in use in our lab sections are as follows:

  •  PSIM Simulation Software
  • ANSYS Electormagnetic



      Asst. Prof. Ozan Keysan

Lab Coordinator

keysan @metu.edu.tr

While working in Electromechanical Laboratory