23 Haziran 2015 Salı - University of Strathclyde araştırma-işbirliği sunumu

23 Haziran Salı günü saat 10:40-11:40'ta İnşaat Mühendisliği K1 binası giriş kat konferans salonunda University of Strathclyde heyeti araştırma-işbirliği konularında  görüşmek üzere ODTÜ'ye gelecektir. Strathclyde'da devam eden araştırma projeleri ve olanakları ile ilgili bir sunum yapacaklardır.

İlgilenen tüm öğretim üyeleri ve öğrenciler sunuma davetlidir.

University of Strathclyde Heyeti

1. Prof. Atilla Incecik
Executive Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Professor of Offshore Engineering and Head of Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Professor Incecik has been responsible for the development of design and analysis tools and model testing of marine and offshore engineering systems during his research activities both in industry and academia. His current research includes development of dynamic load and response prediction tools for the design and installation of floating offshore platforms and marine renewable energy devices; investigation of sources and interaction of potential and viscous origin forces to determine low frequency motions of moored offshore vessels; investigation of low cycle fatigue loading on floating production, storage and offloading systems; transportation of CO2 and decommissioning of offshore platforms. Professor Incecik is Editor-in-Chief of Ocean Engineering journal.

2. Dr. Erkan Oterkus

Research interests: Peridynamics, Marine Structures, Strength of Renewable Energy Devices,
Mechanics of Composite Materials, Aerospace Structures, Progressive Damage Analysis, Bonded Joints, Bolted Joints, Plates and Shells, Finite Element Analysis, Semi-analytical Methods, Fluid-structure Interaction, Multi-scale Modeling of Materials, Molecular Dynamics, Biomechanics, High Performance Computing, Nanomechanics of Materials, Quantum mechanics, Inverse Finite Element Method

3. Dr. Gayle Wilson

4. Dr. Andrea Hamilton

Research Interests: deterioration and sustainability of the built environment, across length scales from nano to bulk. Has developed methods which are also applicable to crystal engineering, geological fault sealing and remediation of structures housing toxic waste.